TIOGA Tour Day 1

12/12/16 Day 1: PHL-PITT-COLO

Today we headed to Ohio and the only request I had when entering the state was that "Ohio Is For Lovers" by Hawthorne Heights play. 

  • Went into this average size costume shop where there was a huge rental section of santa outfits and Teletubbies.
  • The only other time I was in Pittsburgh was for Broken World Fest with Alex and Cody. We went to Primanti Bros. after that and due to thinking I had a concussion from Snowing, so I only ate the coleslaw (which was banging). I suggested that we make the stop on our journey since we would be driving through anyway. Austin, Meg, and I ordered the Coleslaw, Smallman St. fries, and the Pitts-Burger- which was second best seller on the menu... still trying to figure out the first. The bathrooms were down the stairs in this cellar looking hallway that was fascinating. Then, Austin and I eavesdropped on one of the employees telling a customer cool places to see in Pittsburgh. 
  • Went to one of the places mentioned, which was overlooking the whole entire city and where the three rivers met. We found a public looking area, but we tried seeing if there were any other spots. Austin went through someone's backyard and said he was caught by a very nice lady. 
  • Drove through West Virginia for 10 minutes, so of course The Front Bottoms played. 
  • Made it to Ohio, got my fill of Hawthorne Heights. 
  • Went to Sheetz and a dollar store 
  • Staying with Austin's lovely friend Tara for the next few days and she took us to get tacos at her regular place. 
  • Ohio is very clean and it's now snowing.