TIOGA Tour Day 2

12/13/16 Day 2: Columbus, Ohio

  • Woke up at 9am to snow starting to fall
  • Decided we wanted to go to Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so we figured out some deals
  • Derrick and Greg arrived closer to 1pm, and they tried mentioning "Ohio Is For Lovers" but I beat them to it
  • Austin and I admired NatGeos top photos of the year
  • As Meghan and I were doubling up on Words With Friends and 8-Ball we tried finding food while everyone rehearsed
  • Around 3pm we headed out in the snow on the search for food and a CVS
  • Had a small snowball fight in the parking lot
  • Greg really wanted Canes and kept saying it was around the corner with a short walk- turns out he had driving directions on the whole time. We walked about a half hour for Ohio chain restaurant chicken tenders, coleslaw, fries, toast, and sweet tea 
  • Derrick tied the heck out of my shoes for me- bless his soul
  • Saw a McDonalds sign that just said "Hamburgers" and that was interesting
  • Walked around OSU's book store which is basically half the size of Creese, and they have some legit sponsorships lemme tell ya 
  • Tara drove us back to her place so Greg didn't have to take us on another OSU tour. The guys practiced and Meg and I did some work
  • Got to the gig at House With No Name. Very cool tags on the walls, very interesting 
  • Exchanged goals with Derrick
  • The Comos opened up- talented young kids; TIOGA killed it and people were amazed at Austin's muti-tasking; Ben and Jordan of Personal Public performed an improvised set under the name Secondhand Saints- mind-blowing
  • Someone stole the money out of the donation jar so the owner bought merch as a trade 
  • Long, snowy, icy day. Three band gig didn't end until 11:30pm. Cleveland adventures await