TIOGA Tour Day 3

12/14/16 Day 3: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland

  • Woke up at 8:30am to start our trek to Cleveland 
  • Picked up our credentials to prove we were a touring band to tour Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for free
  • Greg succeeded cutting a tag off of his scarf with a tape dispenser 
  • I walked among the achievements of musical icons and staples of fashion in music. I also cried in the whole AP section where I saw the first All Time Low cover and they played Brand New on the overhead 
  • Disappointed that there weren't any Jonas Brothers staples 
  • A friend from school recommended the Winking Lizard to us for our food choice of the day. Had this banging burger with garlic bread as buns. They also played a very interesting soundtrack with Issues, Silverstein, All-American Rejects, and Saves The Day. 
  • Greg sang about Cleveland tourism 
  • Some guy pushed through everyone because he didn't want them to have a stranger in his picture 
  • Froze by the waterfront down the road from the museum and Greg tried to avoid all of the geese poop. 
  • Started our journey back to Columbus to make it to the open mic at an Irish pub 
  • Had mediocre Tim Hortons, but the employee was very nice and gave me a free donut 
  • Open mic was a success (shout out to Carol) 
  • Greg: "Now if we don't get robbed in the parking lot, this will be way better than last night". Get to the car and Derrick lost his keys which Greg found underneath the car mat 20 minutes later