TIOGA Tour Day 4

12/15/16 Day 4: Columbus, OH

  • We had a pretty relaxed day in Columbus. Nothing was really on the agenda after our time in Cleveland the day before
  • Greg expressed how he did not like Linkin Park... whatever.
  • Went to a Make-Your-Own styled Asian grill called BiBiBop- Amazing. It was relatively cheap and you got a lot for what you paid for. Turns out it's only an Ohio thing, so we might be making the pit stop before leaving 
  • Meg and I wanted to go somewhere to get work done and potentially explore. We made a long stop at Urban Outfitters, which let me tell you, is so much better than Philly's. UO sales in Ohio are poppin'
  • Then got harassed on our .2 second trip to Starbucks around the corner
  • Started redesigning some things on my website, making my AOTY list, and starting my favorite photos of the year
  •  (Clearly didn't explore because it was like 7 degrees out)
  • Made our way to open mic at King Ave 5. Ate some spinach & artichoke dip and fried pickle chips 
  • The guys went out and Meg and I stayed in. We were going to watch This Is Spinal Tap, but instead I explained my whole timeline of the Jonas Brothers and got very emotional 
  • Some honorary quotes from Meg: 
    • "I'm a strong independent woman who knows I need to serve these men"
    • Referring to her napkin she used while eating toast as a "Biscuit tissue" 
  • I think today is another relaxed day for us. No show tonight. Might be experiencing my first Waffle House