TIOGA Tour Day 5

12/16/16 Day 5: Columbus, OH

  • We all had a pretty rough morning 
  • Had Waffle House for the first time. Our waitress didn't seem to be having a great morning, but she probably was ending a really long shift so I understood 
  • There was a donut shop next door called The Little Donut Shop, we all split a dozen donuts 
  • Went back to Tara's and just hung out. Meg and I watched Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's potluck show and then we got sucked in to watching a really bad Ashton Kutcher movie called Killers. It kind of just felt like a parody film the whole time. Then we got sucked into John Tucker Must Die
  • Went to BiBiBop again for dinner 
  • The guys were practicing a new song they wrote and as we were expecting to hear it they all start playing flippin' Coldplay 
  • It was a slow day, but still very tired. We're all watching This Is Spinal Tap. Have to be out of Tara's by 7:45am to start heading to West Virginia. 
  • Might see Rogue One, but we're getting out of Ohio 
  • Quotes of the day: 
    • "I drive a box. Look at my hat" - Meg on someone pulling out in one of those rectangle Hondas
    • "I feel like I rubbed myself on every part of this carpet" - Derrick while lying down on Tara's carpet