TIOGA Tour Day 8

12/19/16 Day 8: Richmond + Midlothian, VA

  • Bless Eryn again for letting us stay at her place on such short notice 
  • Went to pick Molly up from the train and she recommended we went for food at Sushi King 
  • Sushi King = All you can eat sushi and hibachi for 12 dollars 
  • I repeat ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI AND HIBACHI FOR 12 DOLLARS, plus we had a great waiter
  • We then ventured off to Molly's house. Met her doggos, naps were taken, work was done 
  • Molly wanted to show us the reservoir; we drove down to that and it was beautiful. I didn't really grow up around woods or lakes, so being surrounded by that at sunset was amazing. Derrick and Greg were trying to teach me how to skip rocks but then we were distracted by the migration of birds
  • Facetimed my dad so he could see the sunset and he wanted me to play Lamb of God
  • Derrick chased a bunch of birds off of a dock 
  • Molly's mom made us banging mac and cheese and then we headed to the open mic at Emilio's; had a jam band vibe. It was extremely cold and my body was ready to go to sleep 
  • Went down to monument park just for the lighting 
  • Overall, we all liked Virginia. It's been a long past couple of days 
  • Quotes of the day: 
    • "You have soft hands... it's the sign of a weak worker" - Derrick to Austin
    • "If you ever get into marine photography, you should change your name to 'Ashley Gillman'" - Greg to me