TIOGA Tour Day 11

12/22/16 Day 11: New Brunswick, NJ

  • Meg and I made our way to NJ around 3pm 
  • We cried over the Jonas Brothers and listened to the 3D Concert Experience 3 times in a row because of traffic 
  • Met up with everyone 
  • Rachel, Lexi, and Christian came to visit me 
  • We all basically just enjoyed the sick lineup The Bunker was hosting and hoarded the comfortable bean bag that was there all night 
  • Derrick, Meg and I snuck out to my car to eat a cookie cake Meg's mom gave us. It was covered in icing and we didn't have a knife, so Derrick used a CD to cut and serve it
  • Steve started calling me AshLIE because he couldn't sit on the bean bag
  • The show ran really late, so we didn't get to Austin's house until after 1am
  • Austin's parents made us soup- amazing
  • We sat at the table exhausted, but laughing at nonsense I cant even remember
  • Greg joke of the day:
    • "If I started a Brand New cover band in my 40s, you know what I would call it? Day Job Entendu