TIOGA Tour Day 12

12/23/16 Day 12: Brooklyn, NY

  • Last day of tour 
  • Meg, Derrick and I drove into the city early so we can stop by Madonia's to see my dad and grandpa, and to give them a little insight on my life
  • Traffic was horrible since Arthur Avenue is a madhouse during the holidays
  • After we spent some time at the bakery, we headed to Williamsburg to do some exploring while we waited for the rest of the guys
  • Meg was our tour guide since she spent the summer in Williamsburg
  • We browsed a few shops, went by the water and saw some cool murals. Derrick found dinosaurs- all you need to know 
  • Meg brought us to a taco place she really enjoyed called Oaxaca Taqueria. Really good and they played The Killers not once, but three times- Very good sign 
  • Meg then brought us to a coffee shop called Pudge Knuckles. We got a frozen hot chocolate with espresso and Derrick got his chai fill 
  • We talked about a bunch of things while we waited for Austin, Greg and Steve and when they arrived we relaxed for a bit and eventually eavesdropped on a woman giving a tour of the area 
  • Went by water again and headed to Main Drag Music so Steve could get a new cymbal. Checked out a few drum machines and browsed for about a half hour 
  • We made our way to my car and squeezed in to get to Gold Sounds for load in 
  • While we were there we played pool, the guys played, and we squeezed into a photobooth 
  • Steve lost his phoneu8i between the stage and the wall so it was all hands on deck to figure out how to retrieve it 
  • Quotes of the day
    • "If we were playing at 12am, we could say 'Hey guys it's not Merry Christmas Eve, it's Merry Christmas Steve'"- Steve 
    • "If we every start a jelly company we should call it 'Pearls Jam'" - Greg or Derrick 

The past two weeks were something extremely special. I gained four close friends, and met amazing people along the way. I did more traveling in two weeks than I have in my life with people I love, doing what we all love. We (well Austin) drove over a thousand miles (que Vanessa Carlton). There were slight bumps and some interesting people, but now we just have stories to tell (and I'll just butcher trying to share them). 

I've learned so much about these lovely humans in front of my lens (cheesy I know), and I cried about the Jonas Brothers more than once- not surprising. There were a lot of jokes- good and bad, and I've gained some riddles out of my name thanks to Greg... and his dad? 

I couldn't have asked for a better first experience and I wouldn't have wanted to share it with anyone else. Thank you to Tara, Molly, Michelle, Eryn and Austin's parents for giving us a place to stay and taking care of us. 

2000+ pictures and 1000+ miles later, it's done and I can't wait to do it again. 

Listen to these talented humans: https://tiogatheband.bandcamp.com/ and pay attention to who kept us going: http://www.meglavmgmt.com/

Love. Love. Love. 

What do you call Ashley while she's taking pictures? Ashley Cameraman - Me