Twenty Seventeen

It's safe to say it was a weird year for most. Definitely up's and down's on a personal and global level. 

  • JJ's was able to host The Menzingers for the "After The Party" music video, which will forever be the coolest thing.
  • Traveled to California and Michigan for the first time. I was able to see Brianna and the lovely humans of Backpacks, Grey Matter and Silver Age. 
  • I lost Princess 
  • Watched people I care about graduate and move on to the next steps of their lives 
  • My family opened their own business 
  • I had the opportunity to intern at my top co-op choices of Ground Control Touring and Red Light Management. I learned from amazing people and I could not express how grateful I am for them 
  • I lived on my own this summer. It definitely took a toll on me mentally, but in a way I learned more about myself and where I would like to see my life go. I realized to a great extent how much my friends mean to me and the home I've made with them in Philly 
  • I started selling my work for the first time
  • I worked on album covers for Henri Tyler and Major Pursuit, and more are on the way. Worked on more promos, started getting hired for side projects, and booked my first wedding for the summer
  • Finally upgraded to a new ~full frame~ camera body after 8 years 
  • JJ's Diner was featured in JUMP which led to me shooting Sophie Coran for their fall issue and Worriers for their winter issue 
  • Took piano and guitar lessons 
  • Turned 21 and my best friends covered my favorite bands 
  • Saw All Time Low perform So Wrong, It's Right three days in a row 
  • I was able to contribute to Gouge Away's tour zine 
  • Beach Bod was in the New Yorker and James Barrett opened up for The Menzingers 

The past couple of weeks I've been in a weird headspace. I started this year with a handful of people I lost touch with throughout the months. I feel as if I backtracked mentally and lost a bit of creativity. We spend so much time helping others and putting our personal health on the sidelines. I've realized that I need to focus on my health in all ways. Maybe that means yoga or writing or picking up drawing again. Maybe it also means to stop taking 20 credits on top of actual and personal work for my senior year. Who knows. 

I don't feel as successful as I did last year, but I'm still learning and working on my skill-set. 2018 means presenting the final product of my senior project, graduating and hopefully having a job. Always working on the goal of traveling more.

Thank you to every single person who kept me company and supported me this year. It was definitely a doozy and I love you all.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite images of this year. Clicking expands with some ~details~ of location and month.

Modern Baseball Night OneModern Baseball, Harmony Woods, Small Circle - 10.13.17

Modern Baseball, Harmony Woods, Small Circle - 10.13.17

Everything came full circle last night. A wholesome night full of people I absolutely love and I am extremely proud of them. If you don't already listen to Harmony Woods, you're missing out. 

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Best of 2016

Overall, 2016 had it's highs and it's blackhole of lows. Despite the close and global losses I have experienced, it has been one of my best years. I decided to pick up my camera again and take everything on a more serious level. My voice developed tremendously and I challenged my comfort zones.

This summer alone I interned for Live Nation, photographed a day of Warped, shot a heck load of shows and took way over 10,000 pictures. The year ended with me going on my first tour and shared the experience with people I now consider some of my closest friends. 

I've had so many opportunities and met the most wonderful people. I realized my limits and know what I need to work on. I'm proud of myself and have accomplished a bunch this year, and I don't need to wait for reassurance from the public to tell me whether or not I'm succeeding.

For 2017 I'm going to continue to push my myself, continue seizing as much experience as I can, and hopefully work on more tours. That being said, I decided to compile some of my favorite shots of the year (clicking the image will allow it to expand with info on location and month).

I thought 2016 might have been a peak, but I'm just getting started.